The Cover Games #2

This is the second Cover Games! As I said last week, every Saturday I’m going to try to post a book cover that I love. The book can be out or it can be unreleased. To choose the book cover is a difficult task. They end up fighting, loosing their plot or words. It’s brutal. That is why I decided to name it The Cover Games.


I couldn’t choose this week. All the book covers were seemed to scream,”PICK ME! PICK ME!” It was scary… just as scary as me giving them human qualities. I finally did choose a cover after a long and brutal battle and I’m happy with it. Drum roll please!



If you’ve never read Sweetly, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for. I love Jackson Pearce’s books and her covers are just beautiful. I love the ones that have this abstract look to them. I wish they never changed.

       It was difficult this time. But I have a lot of books and putting all of them on here wouldn’t have worked.

       Today I’m wondering what book cover do you not like? One that is… hard on the eyes. Because sometimes a good book is blessed with a scary cover.



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