30 Day Book Challenge: Day 4



 30 Day Book Challenge is by The Chronicles of Radiya. Each day I’m asked something about a book and I have to answer. It sounded like a lot of fun and it gives me chance to tell you guys a little but more about myself. I apologize for yesterday. Something happened to a very close friend of my family. I wasn’t thinking about updating at the time. I’m sorry once again. 

Day 4: Favourite Film Adaptation of a Book

         I really don’t know what book to choose. Not many of the books I’ve read have been turned into movies. City of Bones comes out next week, Divergent in 2014 along with The Fault in Our Stars. Bright Star is about John Keats… After I post this I’m definitely going to remember a movie. So today I’m going with The Hobbit. The movie may not have been like the book, but I still love them both. 

~ Lauren


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