30 Day Book Challenge: Day



 30 Day Book Challenge is by The Chronicles of Radiya. Each day I’m asked something about a book and I have to answer. It sounded like a lot of fun and it gives me chance to tell you guys a little but more about myself.

Day 5: A Book That Makes You Happy



       It’s so difficult to find those books that are made with happiness. Books that make YOU happy. Audrey, Wait! is the winner for me. I read it in 7th or 8th grade (maybe earlier) and fell in love. This love is means so much to me that I never tell anyone about it. Even if a friend turns to me asking for an uplifting book, I never mention Audrey, Wait! It means that much to me. Any time I’m upset, this is my go-to book.  It has music, a cute boy, and one of the best protagonists I have ever read, but the music is one of the best aspects of this book. Audrey, Wait! never fails to make me feel better. Now, this is probably the only time I will ever say it but… GO READ THIS BOOK! You won’t be disappointed. And you never know, it may be your Happy Book. 



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