30 Day Book Challenge: Day 9 and a Giveaway!


**GIVEAWAY** 30 Day Book Challenge was started by The Chronicles of Radiya. Every day I answer something about a book (it usually ends up about two books). I thought it would be an awesome way for everyone to get to know me. I’m also giving away a copy!

Day 9: A Book You Thought You Wouldn’t Like But Ended Up Loving 

       I never actually wanted to read Spellbound. I always thought it would be a book about some girl who just keeps complaining because the boy she “loves” is ignoring her. I was so completely and undeniably wrong. Spellbound is about Emma, a girl who has faced a lot of tragedy in her life. Now she’s just looking for a way to start fresh. There are so many things I thought Emma would be: a girl who was obsessed at first sight, someone who never defended herself, and depended on the boy to be her hero. Emma did none of this. She was intrigued with Brendan, she defended herself within the first 30 pages or so, and she knew she was her own hero. Instead of falling into some weird black hole when Brandon ignored her, she fell into anger. She wanted answers. I honestly thought Spellbound was going to be some silly la la land book. I wish the synopsis represented this book better. It has action, romance, magic, and so much more. I was hooked from page 1. I have a feeling you will too. Another part I loved: I live in NYC so half the schools mentioned were real (except for Emma’s). I kept freaking out because one of them is maybe two bus rides away from my school.

Because I love this book so much, I’m giving it away! I was sent a copy from Harlequin Teen and I didn’t want to hog two of them. This contest is INTERNATIONAL.  Tell me in the comments about a book you thought you wouldn’t like and ended up loving! I’ll be using Random.Org. Right now Rafflecopter isn’t working for me.

This giveaway ends August 30th.

~ Lauren


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