In Which I Fail (and a review)

Image           Sooooo… It’s been awhile. I feel like I’m speaking to a friend I haven’t seen for a really long time and last time we spoke wasn’t such a good conversation. Which has recently happened to me. Yay awkwardness. School started and I became lazy. All my homework is now done on the computer and it drives me insane. I gave myself reasons to not update, but no more! I apologize for my laziness and just overall suckyness (which doesn’t look like a word, but now it is).  And I have a review




The sequel to Rift and the prequel to the New York Times    bestselling novel Nightshade.
Everything Conatus stands for is at risk. Hoping to gather enough resistance to save their order, Ember and Barrow attempt a desperate escape. But fate offers little mercy. When their mission is exposed, the  couple face relentless pursuit by the supernatural horrors that act on the commands of Eira’s ally: the mysterious Bosque Mar. A shocking revelation forces Ember out of hiding, sending her back into the heart of dark magic at Tearmunn keep, where she must convince her old friend Alistair of her love or face dire consequences. Ember’s deception offers the only chance for the resistance to succeed, but what she discovers in the shadows beneath the keep will shatter her world and bring about the Witches’ War.

Richly sensual and full of magic, action and danger, Andrea Cremer’s fifth book set in the Nightshade world is an edge-of-your-seat page turner. (GoodReads)

 Rating: DNF

  Thoughts While Reading: I don’t even know…

       Review: Rise starts off where Rift left. Ember and Barrow (along with their friends) left Conatus in search of safety. That’s all I got because I just couldn’t finish this book. I made it to page 150 or so and had to put it down. The plot was flat, I wanted to yell at half the characters as I slap them, and just extremely disappointed over all. I enjoyed the first book Rift. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. Now when it comes to Rise… it was officially bad. Here are things that annoyed me:

1) Ember and Barrow’s relationship: I hate it. I feel like every time these two were on the same page they became horny rabbits. I get it, you may die and you love each other, but please dear god PEOPLE ARE DYING! I feel like Andrea Cremer was trying to make a Will and Tessa relationship from The Infernal Devices. It didn’t work. The love didn’t feel real in Rise. It was a plot line that was used to get people to read the book.

2) Eira: It wasn’t her character that annoyed me, but the fact that basically the whole book is her POV. Split POV’s are awesome. I love them, as do many others. But when one of the villains get more showtime (or is it page time?) than the hero, something is wrong. It was the Eria Show and Then Some Stuff Happens. There were no major plot points because EVERYTHING THAT COULD HAVE BEEN A MAJOR PLOT POINT WAS THROWN IN MY EIRA AND HER CREW. That makes no sense but if you read Rise you’ll understand.

3) The Lack Of Plot: Just that. Plot? Who needs the one thing that holds a book together, let’s make some theoretical Sugar Honey Iced Tea go down and hope for the best! My god, stories on WattPad have better plots.

         Needless to say, I disliked this book greatly. I ended up giving up and skimming the pages. So. Much. Eria. I wished this book was better and that I was able to finish it, but I just couldn’t. It actually made me want to read Macbeth more. That says a lot. Also,I skipped to the end and it sucked. I don’t know, maybe it was just me, maybe I needed to read Nightshade. All I know is that I aggravated to no end with this book. I say just don’t read any of these books. I’ve been trying to get into Andrea Cremer’s books for so long. So many people like them. I will probably end up buying her next book The Inventors Secret. Hopefully it’s good and not ohmygod-please-no-just-stop. What’s your opinion on these books? Did you like them?


PS- Review up tomorrow!


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