Things That Have Happened… More Like an Update

        I found out something: I can’t. Stop. Reading. Now I know how that sounds. I run a book blog, I have over 200 books, and I’ve contemplated majoring in something with books. How is this a problem? See, I’ve been reading books for as long as I can remember. This has caused me to become this speed reading junky. I just finished a 500 page book in basically a day. A DAY. And I had to force myself to stop reading the sequel to write this. 

        This brings me to a new idea: How about video reviews? It’s just an idea really. I’m going to continue writing reviews, but I may start using my YouTube channel a lot more. Adding some random videos about bookish stuff. Mainly because I hate leaving you guys hanging. It means so much to be that people follow this blog. I went from Blogger, where I struggled to get one view, then to WordPress where I got followers immediately. I love this blog and I love the people who read it and comment. Posting videos on my YouTube just seems like a great way to not leave you guys hanging. So thanks guys for sticking it out. I truly appreciate it. 

~ Lauren


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