Answers: The Heart Kind

I know I stated in my last post why I haven’t been updating, but I feel like I should make a post too. Just to tell you guys (you amazing followers who actually read my terrible posts) why I sometimes disappear for months. See my sophomore of high school my body decided to have a major freak out. While playing gym one day my heart rate got up to 240. Since then I’ve been suffering a heart condition only doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong. Every time I went to another doctor I only found out more problems, not answers. 

I’ve recently gone to a new doctor who is an arrhythmia specialist. Basically he understands what could cause the heart to get all funky better than say a regular cardiologist. One of the problems with having an arrhythmia is that it causes extreme fatigue. I fall asleep at 5:00 sometimes, leaving no time for reading or reviews. Add the fact that my heart medicine also makes you tired and I’m basically a Walker from The Walking Dead. I also found out the heart surgery I had done that came back as negative (which was this very strange study to test from an arrhythmia) isn’t always right. So basically like any scientific findings, sometimes things come back false when really it means positive. So I’ve been in this rut between anger and sadness. 

I’ve been missing doing reviews so much and I’ve decided to not let this heart problem run my life. Yeah, maybe I will disappear for an extended period of time, but I’ll always come back. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. I promise to have two new reviews up on Alienated by Melissa Landers and Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge. 

~ Lauren 

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