So Much Stuff


1) As you can see that is me. Why am I posting a photo of myself on a bridge you ask? BECAUSE IT ME IN EUROPE. ON THE PONT DU GARD. P1010098

Look at it. It’s just so, so awesome. I may have fangirled. Okay so I totally flipped out but it’s the PONT DU GARD. *swoons* So much history. I have the best parents really. I’m so thankful that they allowed me to travel to Europe with my high school. It’s an experience I seriously won’t forget. No joke. I had to wi-fi half the time. Could you imagine 40 teenagers without wi-fi? I’ll just tell you this: there was a lot of singing on the bus. A LOT. My ears are still bleeding… Even though I had a lot of fun, I’m happy to be home. Of course I just had to get sick but oh well. Here’s some photos:





Onto my second update!


2) I have about 2 weeks and 14 days left of high school. Also about 3 days left of AP English. Once I’m done with that class I swear I’m going straight to Barnes and Nobles because I’ve seriously been book deprived and I blame that class. This will mean more updates and more reviews. It’s been crazy these few weeks because teachers have decided that NOW would be a good time teach us and give tests. I can’t wait till I graduate though.

And lastly:

3) I actually finished Dark Inside awhile ago and of course I forgot to make a review for it. I’ve got to become better at this. Is there a book to help bloggers? If so I need it. I shall post my review tomorrow. First, I must finish my homework.

I just wanted to say that I love each and every person that follows this blog. It means a lot to me that there are people out there who WANT to read my reviews. Thank you guys!

~ Lauren


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