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1) As you can see that is me. Why am I posting a photo of myself on a bridge you ask? BECAUSE IT ME IN EUROPE. ON THE PONT DU GARD. P1010098

Look at it. It’s just so, so awesome. I may have fangirled. Okay so I totally flipped out but it’s the PONT DU GARD. *swoons* So much history. I have the best parents really. I’m so thankful that they allowed me to travel to Europe with my high school. It’s an experience I seriously won’t forget. No joke. I had to wi-fi half the time. Could you imagine 40 teenagers without wi-fi? I’ll just tell you this: there was a lot of singing on the bus. A LOT. My ears are still bleeding… Even though I had a lot of fun, I’m happy to be home. Of course I just had to get sick but oh well. Here’s some photos:





Onto my second update!


2) I have about 2 weeks and 14 days left of high school. Also about 3 days left of AP English. Once I’m done with that class I swear I’m going straight to Barnes and Nobles because I’ve seriously been book deprived and I blame that class. This will mean more updates and more reviews. It’s been crazy these few weeks because teachers have decided that NOW would be a good time teach us and give tests. I can’t wait till I graduate though.

And lastly:

3) I actually finished Dark Inside awhile ago and of course I forgot to make a review for it. I’ve got to become better at this. Is there a book to help bloggers? If so I need it. I shall post my review tomorrow. First, I must finish my homework.

I just wanted to say that I love each and every person that follows this blog. It means a lot to me that there are people out there who WANT to read my reviews. Thank you guys!

~ Lauren


Why Tris Matters: Representing Every Woman’s NO

Before you read my post, please go read this article. It’s short but man is it amazing. And it may help you understand my post.



Tris being all badass


There’s no denying my love for Divergent, especially Tris. That is easily seen in my Allegiant review. But why? Yeah she’s freaking awesome. Badass? That too. I have had numerous debates about Tris and often find myself defending her and Divergent. But what is it about Tris that made me fall in love with her character? I have thought about it fleetingly. At random moments I’d find myself wondering what it is that I admire about Tris. But it wasn’t until I read The “Divergent” Rape Scene: Here’s Why It Matters: Rewriting the script on sexual assault — and giving power back to girls” that I truly understood why Tris matters so much to me and why so many young-girls should read these books.

At first I thought the article was going to be another report on how bad Divergent is or how much better The Hunger Games is. I was preparing myself to not flip out (which don’t deny you’ve haven’t done. I know at least one of you have). But then I saw title: “The “Divergent” Rape Scene: Here’s Why It Matters: Rewriting the script on sexual assault — and giving power back to girls”. I was intrigued, especially by that last line.

“Tris has one especially unique fear,” says the author, “and it’s an important one: fear of sexual assault.” The author continues to say that, “Every woman knows Tris’ terror, knows the horror of walking home late at night, clutching keys like knives between her fingers. Every woman lives with the looming fear that her refusal, her no, won’t be taken seriously.” We do live in fear. God, how do we not? The amount of times that woman have to deal with lingering looks, with men saying derogatory things towards us. It’s scary. As I continued to read I started realizing why I loved Tris so much. She makes a stand and says that her body is HER body and not anyone else’s. Even when it comes to Jeanine and her family. Tris chooses to do what she wants.

Not only is Divergent important for girls, but for boys too. Teenage girls all around the world are going to witness Tris insisting on consent, and teenage boys are going to witness Four listening to her,” says the author. Boys will see that they should respect a girls no. To listen to any female that says they feel uncomfortable because it is always the right thing to do. 

When I first read Divergent at 16, I just knew that I loved Tris. I said it was because she was a badass. Was my escape from everything shitty around me. Two years and one article later, I finally get it. Tris was the first character I read that voiced her no. I only read one other book where a female protagonist fought another man because he made a crude move toward her: Angelfall by Susann Ee. Two years later and only one other book showed a girl fighting for her voice and body. I want other girls to read these books. Damn it, I don’t even care if they just watch Divergent. They need to see that we are always in control of our bodies. They need someone like Tris to look up to. Tris who is a strong, stubborn, and fierce. Not some celebrity who goes out all the time and does God knows what.

I have read numerous of stories with badass girls as main characters and I’m not going to deny that. Maybe there are movies and books that had the same thing that Divergent had. Tris though… Tris is different. She represents strength. Hope. That we girls can fight. We can fight for our NO to be heard. We can defend ourselves. Tris is the one character that will always remain my favorite, even more so now. I’ll leave you with these parting lines from the article, something I wish everyone took from Divergent:

“Divergent marks the first time I have ever seen a teenage girl articulate, in no uncertain terms, that her body belongs to her. That she gets to decide who touches it, and how, and when. That her yes and her no are final, and unambiguous, and worthy of respect. 

Divergent is important.”

  ~ Lauren

Friday Quote Day

You know the drill: every Friday I post a quote that I happen to love and want to share with you guys.

This weeks quote is from…


(which I will hopefully finish soon…)

noothing 2



I thought this was pretty funny when I read it. I want to print this and carry them around with me. Then, when needed, I can pull them out when I can’t be bothered with people. Hopefully, and really do mean this, I will finish this book soon. Maybe today…

Has anyone read Dark Inside?


Happy Readings!

~ Lauren

Friday Quote Day!

You know the drill: every Friday I post a quote that I happen to love and want to share with you guys.

This weeks quote is from…

FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury!

*confetti everywhere*


First off, this photo is not mine. I found it on Tumblr for banned book week awhile ago. Anyway, Fahrenheit 451 has to be one of the best books I read for school. Fell in love with it. This quote just so happens to be my favorite from the novel. Have any of you read Fahrenheit 451? If so, what’s one of your favorite quotes from the novel?

Happy Readings!

~ Lauren

Excuse My Rant: When You’re Disappointed


I’m at the book signing excited and looking forward to meeting Rainbow Rowell. Now, if you’ve been to an author meeting you know they sign books. All the time. Right? Oh no, not this time. They decided to tell us AT THE PLACE that we can’t have books signed. Which doesn’t make sense because they’ve always allowed your books to be signed. I’m sorry guys. I really wanted to give you guys a copy of Fangirl signed but it seems like that won’t be happening. And it really upsets me.

I don’t understand why they never posted anything on Facebook and why they waited till we were all at the library to say, “Hey guys but it seems like there was a misunderstanding. Yeah, we’re not signing your books. Maybe next time!” Okay, so maybe it wasn’t said exactly like that, but it sounded that way. I love meeting authors. Love getting my books signed and speaking to them. Not looking from the back of a room and then leaving. It wasn’t fair of them to not say anything until people were there. I’m sorry once again that I have nothing to give you guys. Maybe my next signing.

~ Lauren

Friday Quote Day

Yes, this just so happens to be delayed. Don’t hurt me. But back to quotes. I love them and I really don’t know why. Basically (as the tittle says) every Friday I choose a quote and share it with all you lovely people. Hope you like this one!

In honor of meeting Rainbow Rowell tomorrow I’ve chosen a quote from Fangirl.


So yes, I will be meeting Rainbow tomorrow for the NYC Teen Author Festival. I’m really excited. If any of you are going to be there don’t be afraid to say hi to me. Until next time!

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– Lauren