City of Bones And The Feels


Everyone has heard of The Mortal Instruments. Many have lived it. I’m the later. City of Bones was amazing. So many feels and just… people need to stop complaining. It stayed close to the book. Jaime was Jace. I just… No words. I grew up with TMI. My sister started reading them at 16. She read them when they came out. Now she’s in her 20s. We shared a room growing up and I slowly became more like her. I loved the books she read. I never asked for City of Bones. She turned to me when I was 12 and just said,”Here, I think you’ll like these.” I think that’s why I am so emotionally attached to them. These books connected us. I grew up with Clary and Jace. I waited impatiently for City of Glass thinking,”This is it. No more Clace, no more Malec. This is the end.” And it wasn’t.
Now I’m a senior in high school and these books are actually ending. These books have connected me and my sister. I know all of this- this ranting is all over, but these books are my childhood. To actually see these characters come to life was so much. I cried. Yes. I became That Girl, but these characters were my life. Are my life. I shipped Malec before I knew what a ship was. I pretended that I was a shadowhunter during my horrible grammar school years. I was able to ignore the outside world and enter a new one. I wanted to be Izzy and Clary. I wanted Alec to be my brother. I sound like a nerd, but I don’t care. This has been 5 years in the making, 5 years since I went on Cassie’s old blog and saw it was optioned. I love these books. I love this world. By the Angel, I am obsessed. Go out and read them, see the movie, and fangirl.


~ Lauren

The first photo is me and my friend, the last is me.