30 Day Book Challenge: Day 1



       I just found this and decided to give it a try. 30 Day Book Challenge is by The Chronicles of Radiya. Each day I’m asked something about a book and I have to answer. And it sounded like a lot of fun. 


Day 1: A Book You Wish You Could Live In

           Asking a book reader if they would want to live in their favorite book is like asking a Whovian if they want to be the Doctor’s Companion. They will probably have an emotional breakdown, but in a good way… I guess.

           I actually had a lot of trouble with this question. I read it and thought,”Pfft, easy. One of my fantasy novels.” And then I thought better of it. I would never survive. So then it got me thinking. I’m pretty sure I choose the right one:

Heist Society (Heist Society, #1)

        Kids who are the best con-arists around,  lot of robbing, running from the cops, the cool names for a certain way to pull a heist. *sigh*  I don’t know what this says about me, probably that I love stealing (which I don’t), but I won’t change it. Besides the fact that they DO steal, Kat steals to help. She takes from the bad people and helps the good. Sort of a female Robin Hood in a way. I choose this also because of how close everyone is. Blood may make people related, but it’s the bonds that are formed that are much stronger than anything. And yeah, the con part of it too. I would totally live in this book. Hale would be plus. 

~ Lauren