The Cover Games #1

Hello readers! Today I decided to start something new. Every Saturday I am going to try to post a book cover that I love. The book can be out or it can be unreleased. To choose the book cover is a difficult task. They end up fighting, loosing there plot or words. It’s brutal. That is why I decided to name it The Cover Games. Get it? Because you know like The Hunger Games… but with books…

Moving on then.

It was a very difficult battle today. The Hex Hall series was very close to winning. Poor Archer. But an amazing book won today. I blame the fact that it had a killer in it…


It was a close call. But this cover… It’s one of my favorites. Brenna Yovanoff has the best covers for all her books. Seriously. The covers also represent each of her books perfectly. For some reason though this is my favorite. The girl looks like a child (which is important) and the heart right in the middle plays a key role in the whole book. If you haven’t read Paper Valentine, or any of Brenna Yovanoff’s books for that matter, I recommend that you do.

Good. Now to bandage up all the other books…

What book cover do you love? Tell me below!