Excuse my Rant #1: The Misunderstood Male Syndrome: Or Why Being A Dick is Acceptable


I feel like this fits the post… And it’s funny.

*Please excuse any words that I say. It is just a way of explaining a character or how a character was explained in the book*

My sister has this thing where she can’t clean her room alone. As long as someone is there she’s good. That person is usually me. Yesterday was no different. I went to her room, sat on the bed, and took out my book. When she was done cleaning (and dancing like the 90s was back) she sat down next to me and took out a book. I don’t remember the title but I do know it is considered equal to 50 Shades. I think we’re all familiar with that book.

I picked it up, nosy as to what it was about. As I read through it I realized something: the guy in the book was demanding, the dark and mysterious demanding kind. It got me thinking of other books, Young Adult included. Maybe YA doesn’t have a lot of the erotica like some oder books have, but it still has the type of guy of who has a dark background. You know the type. They sit in the back of class, in the corner maybe, most likely brooding over something. The numerous rumors follow his every step. And the best: they hurt the girl to punish themselves.


“BUT IT WAS TO PROTECT HER!” Screams everyone. Yeah, because scaring her half to death, calling her names – not defending her – is swoon worthy as hell. That’s exactly what I look for in a guy. I can think of numerous of characters where the bad guy becomes a love interest to the fans because the said character is hurting on the inside. *cough* Shatter Me *cough* *cough* It’s so damn sexy when Warner forced Juliette to hurt people. When he made her cry hysterically. But it’s okay. He’s misunderstood… NOT. People sit there and basically say,”You know what, you’re doing all these horrible things because you’re just misunderstood. You were hurt by your parents, or your heart was crushed. Here, have a cookie.”

That would make Voldemort good, right? He was misunderstood. His father left and was put in an orphanage after his mother died. Let’s all give him a hug. He only killed people because he was confused. Let’s ship him with Harry now. Even though he killed his parents.

I declare Hardemort a thing now. Go forth and spread it.

I’m about to mention a character I love. Please don’t hate me… Will Herondale was like this. As I recall he called Tessa, excuse my French, a whore at the end of the first book. I think so. And I’m guilty of using the whole misunderstood thing to defend him. He was (again: excuse my French) a dick. A pretty major one at that. I still love him though because his character was complex. He did realize his mistake, albeit it doesn’t excuse every hurtful thing he may have done.

Even better, why do the girls accept this? Why did Bella curl up into a ball and basically act as if her life was over (and did every dangerous thing that exists)? Tessa burned her hand (Really? Cassie, you’re better than that). Just… do NOT get me started on Warner. I saw that coming the minute he entered the book. I wish authors would just STOP. Don’t excuse a villain, every sinister thing they did, because they are hot and have steamy scenes. Don’t make excuses for someone being a dick.

More authors need to write someone like Hermione. Who YELLED AND SCREAMED AT RON AFTER HE ACTED LIKE A JERK. SHE DIDN’T TAKE HIS EXCUSES. Katy from the Lux series also didn’t automatically forgive Daemon. She made him work. Ellie from Angelfire also didn’t take excuses. She basically said,”Me, you, and date. NOW.” Sophie from Hex Hall too.

Stop making excuses. Stop shipping two characters. Especially when the guy is the bad person. Just because he said he was “in love” and “only did it to protect her” means nothing. Only  two guy characters that I can think of right now who were mysterious, who had a past that was horrible, would be Four from Divergent and Alex from Perfect Chemistry. I won’t say anything because spoilers, but I will say Veronica Roth didn’t make excuses for Four. He showed Tris who he was and told her his past. Four didn’t try to push her away because of his past. Instead he actually wanted to tell it to her. He did dickish things. It happens. Everyone can make a mistake. Now, Alex really made a lot of mistakes, but him pushing Brittany away made actual sense. A lot of sense. He came from horrible conditions. Him protecting her made a lot of sense.

It really is annoying. I know a lot of bloggers who have written about the same thing. I get it. People are attracted to broken things. I think for women it’s the motherly nature within us to try to fix everything. I have been friends with guys who were jerks because I thought maybe, just maybe, I can help them. I knew though that nothing excuses  hurtful words or actions. This goes for girl friends too. I wish more authors showed this. Being a hot guy does not fix every wrong action. No more excuses.

Do you feel the same way? Can you think of a book like this? Or maybe a book where the girl didn’t accept excuses or the guys demanding nature?